About Leonie

About Leonie Dawkins

Leonie Dawkins, the leading nutrition consultant in Melbourne, envisions to impart the message of healthy living.  Her journey from a small city inquisitive girl to a renowned life coach inspires many people across the country. Her first exposure to cooking began in her grandmother's kitchen, where she relished the local cuisine's goodness. Her family taught her to savour the mystical flavours of unique cuisine like Africans, Indian, Portuguese, English, and Chinese. She quenched her thirst for aroma and flavour from her home and neighbourhood.

Her family moved to England when she was nine years old. She embraced the new culture and did her schooling in this region. She started her first career in the field of modelling and eventually became a fashion designer. She moved to Australia to post her marriage and decided to pursue her education. Her primary focus in holistic wellness allowed her to master the intricate elements of Therapeutic beauty, anatomy, physiology, Aromatherapy, reflexology, Swedish, and Shiatsu massage. Her area of focus was dealing with skin disorders and the permanent removal of male facial hair. She opened her first clinic in 1990, which was a one of a kind salon in Australia focussing on men. She was overwhelmed by the community's support and decided to open up a chic Academy for the transgender community. This initiative is supported and funded by the Government. It focuses on providing overall support for people who opt for gender transition.

She then started importing cosmetic products that would be ideal for women of all colours, especially black women. She travelled to many parts of the world to comprehend the true essence of Nutrition. Her decade long travel provided her with the opportunity to learn the significance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. She opened her Thai restaurant in Australia and won the best take away restaurant award in 2015. She is working with an organisation called LACLA. This charity group will focus on raising funds for young girls and help them pursue their academic dreams. She was awarded the humanitarian award in 2017. She is currently launching her nutrition channel in 2020.