Old About Us

From before I can remember music or movies, I can remember my grandmother’s cooking in the kitchen. Whether it was in Jamaica, where I was born, or in London, where I lived from the age of 9 onwards. I’d watch her cook these amazing dishes from all over Jamaica. 

The food was always an amalgamation of the different cultures I was exposed to growing up. Africans, Indians, Portuguese, English, Chinese, etc., were all cultures that resided in Jamaica. The aroma of my grandmother’s dishes testified to it. 

This was when I was unaware of anything like body mass index, obesity, or nutritional value. All I knew was that what my grandmother’s cooked was tasty, and it was healthy too. 

Not only do I cherish that time because my grandmother prepared everything with loving care, but I also love that time because the food was so delicious. The mouthwatering cuisines I was being treated to turned out to be delicacies when I grew up. I owe a debt of gratitude to my grandmother for introducing me to such treats when I was a young girl. Only later in life did I find out that all the food they cooked for me was also very nutritious and chock full of goodness. 

So naturally, when I grew up, got married, and moved to Australia, I missed that life. It’s what drove me to study health. I studied life coach Melbourne, nutrition, aromatherapy, and aromatic oils in my professional life. Not only did that provide soothing to me, but it was great for my well-being. I worked for years in the field of life coach Melbourne before I moved to Singapore and spent ten years traveling in Asia. There I learned about Asian cuisine and their nutritional dishes. I guess you could say that I was obsessed with nutrition and health

After all that traveling and studying food and nutrition, I’ve learned a thing or two. Caring for my children for the last 15 years has also taught me the value of giving them the right nutritional education. It’s taught me the importance of exposing them to the right kind of food and developing good eating habits early on. 

You see, it’s not just about the food, the diet, or the exercise. It’s about building your health into your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a strict regimen or a gym subscription. Your health and nutrition don’t have to be defined by a catalog of curated dishes. It can be a journey of discovery of what you like and what your body needs. So join me on this exciting journey of nutrition, taste, and health. 

I’m Leonie Dawkins, and I’m your health partner and life coach in Melbourne.