Practical Beauty with Health Benefits


It can be quite a challenge to be beautiful every day! Choosing the right beauty products to maximise your skin and overall appearance can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. From serums to oils, moisturisers and high factor sunscreens – where do we begin?

A therapeutic approach is a good start, but what does this mean exactly? First, it’s about understanding that beauty is reflected on the outside via the care and attention we pay to ourselves. If you are seeking that lovely glow, a holistic approach always adds a unique touch to your overall appearance and energy.

The focus at this time, however, is on a wholesome and mentally beneficial skincare ritual that will add luminosity to your overall look.

Take a bowl of steaming clean water and add three drops of essential lavender oil. Then use a warm washcloth to clean your face (no need for a cleanser!). Gently steam your face and when you are ready to wipe clean. Lavender is an incredible detoxifier and cleanser, it’s also mattifying and stimulating, so your skin will look clear and refreshed after use. When dry massage four drops of rosehip oil into the skin using long upward strokes. Rosehip oil is packed with Vitamin A; an ingredient proven to repair and overhaul skin cells.

Use circular movements for lymphatic drainage around the orbital area for clear bright eyes. You will look refreshed, dewy and radiant. Love and peace, Leonie