Due to working and studying for long hours, I developed a very bad habit of binging on junk food and was not able to take a proper meal. It wasn't long to realise my clothes were not fitting me anymore. At this point, I knew I needed help when found myself living the same routine days, over and over again-and food was my only Oasis. In September 2020, I met Leonie the nutrition therapist, and on this consultation, I realised how awful my eating habits had become. I ate from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. When I came to terms with my unhealthy lifestyle, I was able to cut out junk food, reduce my portion sizes and started exercising daily for 45 minutes. In four months I lost 8.3 pounds from 73.7kg to 65.4kg. I now take one meal, or one moment, at a time.